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Japanese Noodle Bar, Daikoku, Joining Gloucester Food Dock

2 July 2024 general

Diakoku Ramen is the latest name to join the community of businesses that have opened at Gloucester Food Dock on the last over the last 9 months.

Husband and wife team Hugo and Mixuki have been making Ramen since 2010.  The provenance of the dish we call ramen is a little murky, but scholars believe that Chinese tradesmen first brought the wheat noodles to the Japanese port Yokohama in the late 19th century. Daikoku are now bringing the taste of eastern Asia to the Food Dock and Gloucester Docks.  Already owners of a thriving Daikoku Ramen in Stroud, Hugo and Mixuki aim to satisfy both meat, fish and plant -based diners alike with their Japanese soul food. Hugo explains “we have an ambitious desire to create truly original flavours, and to redefine the classic Ramen experience whilst striving for a healthy, nutritious and replenishing offer.” Mixuki who learned by cooking noodles with her father, a professor of handmade noodles at the University of Lifestyle in Gifu, adds that “Only the springiest noodles make it to our broth, we present our dishes with great service and a smile.”

Dishes are created with technical precision made from ingredients sourced both locally and from Japan; wherever possible it is a bowl full of organic produce. Mixuki applies simplistic Japanese philosophy alongside delicious flavour combinations.

Ken Elliott, co-owner of Gloucester Food Dock said “we are hugely excited by this new name.  Daikoku bring a new style of cuisine to the Food Dock and to Gloucester and one that will complement very well the existing line up of names.”

Daikoku is one of the seven lucky Shinto Gods - The God of good fortune and the kitchen. Daikoku Ramen is a ‘Izakaya’, a Japanese-style tavern, that serves food and drink in a place where you can linger with good friends.  Japanese soul food.

Diakoku is planned to open in August 2024 and will be the 10th business joining the Gloucester Food Dock  Community.

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